Automatic Swing Doors

Practical Doors with an Automatic Turn of Mind

Automatic swing doors are very practical: they close securely and are easily installed. Existing manual doors can be rapidly automated without complication. Swing doors increase convenience and provide barrier-free access for the disabled.

Swing Door Invisible

Automatic Swing Doors – Types

Invisible Drive Solutions

When invisible drive solutions are used, the entire automation system for the door is concealed in the floor or ceiling. The door looks like a normal swing door – neither the drive nor the linkage is visible. Invisible drive solutions are perfectly suited for every location where aesthetics have a part to play or where an automated door system provides particular convenience because of high door leaf weights.

Optional Areas of Use

  • Fire and smoke doors
  • Smoke extraction
  • Emergency and rescue routes
  • Hermetic doors
  • Sound-proof doors
  • Radiation-proof doors
  • Minergie doors
  • Barrier-free construction

Additional Functions

  • Push & Go
  • Door closing function
  • Air-lock and porch function
  • Access control
  • Building automation
  • Two programmable independent movement sequences
  • Unchanged movement sequence - independent of wind and temperature influences

Opening Types

Swing Door Opening to the left or to the right, invisible
right or left opening

Swing Door opening into the same direction, invisible
opening in the same direction

Swing Door opening alternately, invisible
opening on alternate sides

Installation Position

Mounting Position Swing Door single side, invisible
- in the ceiling
- in the floor
- in the basement ceiling
without linkage

Mounting Position Swing Door double side, invisible
- in the ceiling
- in the floor
- in the basement ceiling
without linkage