iMotion Technology

The New Generation of Automatic Door Systems

With its iMotion, TORMAX has opened a new chapter in door automation. The ground-breaking new generation of automatic door drives combine reliable, slimmed-down technology with value for money, respect for the environment and sustainability.

iMotion has a modular design. It consists of durable components, operates with minimum noise and is practically maintenance-free. We also considered the environment way back at the conceptual design stage - iMotion combines energy-saving technology with environmentally-friendly recyclable components. And if the requirements placed on the door should change over time, iMotion is far from redundant and thanks to its modular construction can be quickly and easily adapted to meet the new circumstances.

iMotion drive systems can be used anywhere. All systems are equipped with the same control systems and user interfaces – which significantly simplifies the maintenance and operation of all door types (sliding, swing, folding and revolving doors) both for interior and exterior use.

iMotion® Capabilities

INTELLIGENT: offering additional capabilities

  • self-configuration of the control system along with all components and s
  • automatic recognition of door weight, opening width and speed
  • permanent adjustment and optimisation if operating conditions change, for instance wear, temperature and dirt
  • permanent monitoring of the safety sensors and locks
  • customised configuration of the uniform control system with the same operating and service programme for all door types


MODULAR: growing with your requirements

  • customer-specific standards such as operating times and speeds can be rapidly duplicated across several door systems
  • ultra-simple replacement or extension as a result of the uniform construction of all drives; the same control system, the same user interface


ECOLOGICAL: saving energy and environmentally friendly

  • sleep mode with minimum energy consumption when on stand-by as well as automatically optimised power consumption during door movements
  • excellent movement dynamics which minimise the loss of heat or cold
  • all components meet RoHS requirements. No use of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury of hexavalent chrome
  • about 96 % of components are recyclable


RELIABLE – making life simpler

  • extremely low maintenance components such as brushless and gearless synchronous motors ensure a long working life
  • permanent monitoring with an early warning system for maximum security
  • extraordinarily long working life even at high traffic volumes. Exceeds standard requirements of a million cycles many times over


ECONOMICAL: protecting your investment

  • pricing depends on individual needs, with the option of upgrading simply, rapidly and cheaply
  • simple maintenance thanks to modular components and uniform configuration principle for all door systems
  • advantageous life-cycle costs as the foundation for customer satisfaction and lasting partnerships