Automatic Sliding Door Drives

Swiss Quality

Behind every TORMAX automatic sliding door there is a door drive which was developed and designed in Switzerland. TORMAX drives meet all relevant standards: UL, ETL, TüV, DIBt, CE. TORMAX drives represent reliability, a long working life, excellent functionality, intelligent controls, a method of construction which respects the environment and simple maintenance.

Sliding Doors


The Drive Which Is Suitable for Every System

  iMotion® 2401
Exterior Door Yes
Interior Door Yes
Door Leaf Weight / Door Leaf (kg) 1 x 450
2 x 300
Escape- and Rescue Route electronical Yes
Escape- and Rescue Route mechanical Yes
Fire- and Smoke Protection Yes
Opening Width 700 .... 3000
splash-proof/dust proof IP65 Yes
IP68 Yes
Drive height 200